My favorite apps and websites for photographers!

Is your bookmark bar crazy full of recipe sites, blogs, and whatever else? Well… I have a few more to add! As photographers, we need to use every tool available to us to make our jobs easier! From scheduling sessions to figuring out when sunset is, sometimes we need a little help. Here are my top five favorite photography- related websites and apps that I use on a very regular basis.

By the way… none of this is paid advertisement. I just really use these programs to help me run my business!

1.17 Hats

I love this client management system. It keeps me up to date with where I am with each client. While you could use google spreadsheets and various other bits here and there to stay organized, I like everything to be in one place. Here I can keep a running list of clients, projects, to do items, invoices and everything else in one place! You can even create different workflows that remind you what the next step is. I’ve connected my 17 Hats account to my Square account so that I can send invoices, receive payments and keep track of it all in one place.

2. Shootproof

If you’re a photographer in this day and age you need an easy, stylish way to present your photos to clients. I use Shootproof for this because it’s professional looking and easy to use. One of my favorite features is the “permissions” section. Since my sessions are “all-inclusive” I make all my galleries with two permissions: one to download all the images as full-sized jpegs and the other to download all the images as “social size” jpegs. That way my clients have the print ready files as well as smaller files to share with friends and family.


So… here’s the truth. I’m kinda a word geek. I may not be the best at writing,  but I really enjoy it, and I want to sound eloquent when I write. See… right there I was about to type “good” but I went and looked up another word to replace that! helps me sound just a little bit better versed… which is good. 🙂

4. Dark Sky

This app is a must! It cost a couple of bucks in the app store but it is so worth it! It gives you hour by hour very accurate predictions of the weather. If it looks a bit rainy and cloudy that day I may be tempted to cancel a session, but with this app, I can see exactly when it will rain and adjust my session start time accordingly.

5. Showit

I’m a little obsessed with Showit. It’s an amazing platform to build the website that really reflects your style. You can use a free template, pay for one of their amazing designs, or even work with a designer to create the website of your dreams. I couldn’t recommend it more.

So there you have it! My top 5 most visited websites and apps for photographers. If you have any questions or want more recommendations, I would love to chat with you, just pop me an email!





My favorite apps and websites for photographers!

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