What should I wear to my family photography session!?

It’s a big stressor! But should it be?

A lot of other photographers may tell you that what you wear is critical to how your photos turn out. I don’t subscribe to this theory. Maybe it’s because I’m more focused on capturing real feelings, not “big smiles everyone looking at the camera” shots, but anyway, I don’t really care. I care a little, but not really. I really just have one rule: harmonize but don’t co-ordinate.

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We’ve come a long way since the 80s. Remember when everyone used to get matching outfits for their family portraits? I seem to have some of these portraits seared into my mind, most of them made there way to this website. Lets not do that anymore.

Let’s just keep this simple: Try to stay in the same color scheme. If mom is wearing blue, everyone can wear a shade of blue or a color that looks nice with blue. Try to stay away from really bright colors. Bright oranges and reds are distracting and may pull the viewer out of the beautiful moment the photo has captured. Remember, it’s about your story, not what you’re wearing! We’re not trying to do fashion photography here, we’re interested in capturing your story. Simple, light or neutral colored clothing is key. White shirts bounce light into your face, which is also awesome for photos!

Please be sure to wear something comfortable. I often have families throwing their little ones up in the air, or sitting on the ground. I want you to feel confident and beautiful but I also want you to be able to participate in the fun!

Do you have anymore questions about what you should wear? Feel free to check out my Pinterest page here and also here. I post a lot of images that inspire me and can give you an idea of what outfits look best.

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What should I wear to my family photography session!?

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